Terms and Conditions – I-wize Group


Our program allocates portfolios to you which are engaged by our skilled professionals to insure your assets and ensure a profitable return on investments using an income stream strategy which is controlled by you.



  • The minimum entry level for this trade is $10,000.
  • Cash and Bitcoin is accepted and valid as basis for trade.
  • The trade group can monetize high-quality SBLCs and BGs from major banks on a case-by-case basis to provide cash for the trade. The minimum face value is valid starting from the dynamic plan.
  • Individual or corporate entries compatible.



  • The binding Memorandum of Understanding guarantees a net return of at least:
    • Tax free returns for Dynamic account – 14.86%
    • Tax free returns for Premium account – 17.79%
    • Tax free returns for BTC Fast pay & Capitalization account – 240%



  • The Client’s earnings proceeds will be paid to any bank account and Blockchain Bitcoin wallet designated by the Client at Clients will of withdrawal.



  • Our guarantee are covered by our partners AIG and Country financial insurance.
  • This insures all our trades in the market and ensure we deliver on our agreement(s) to our partners and investors globally.



  • Trade proceeds can be used to enter additional trades and strategies.
  • New trade and trust account agreements will have to assign to new accounts that allocates portfolios to you which are managed by our field professionals to insure your assets and ensure a profitable income stream.