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Many of us hold too much cash in our bank accounts. It’s just sitting there, possibly earning you next-to-nothing. With Smart Saver, you could earn a 2.20% annual yield.*

Don’t let your rate fall behind.

Smart Saver is a low-risk investing account composed of bonds (80% Short-Term U.S. Treasury Bonds, 20% Short-Term Investment Grade Bonds). So, if rates rise—like they have for the past several years—so does your yield. Banks, on the other hand, set their own rates and often don’t keep up with the market rate. Some even drop their rates over time.*

cash analysis

Find your extra cash.

Not sure how much extra cash you have? We’ve got you covered. We can analyze expenses, estimate spending needs, and help you figure out just how much extra cash you might be holding in your checking account.

Coming soon: Two-Way Sweep

Let’s take the hassle out of investing your extra cash with our automated money movement tool, Two-Way Sweep. When we find extra cash, we can invest it in your Smart Saver. When you need it, we’ll move it back to your checking account. And, we’ll always let you know before we move your money.


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