We work hard to make i-wize a secure place to grow your money.

Data Security

  • Protection behind the scenes.

    We use strong browser encryption, store all of our data on servers in a secure facility, and implement systematic processes and procedures for securing and storing data.

Fraud Protection

  • Safeguards to protect against unauthorized activity.

    We are committed to protecting your account from fraud. If you see any unauthorized activity in your account, report it immediately. We will work to recover any loss that results from unauthorized use of your i-wize account.


  • Respect for your personal data and information.

    We protect the privacy of your information and will never share your data with any third party without your permission. For more information, please review our Privacy Policy.

Advanced Login Protection

  • Additional features to help ensure your security.

    Two-Factor Authentication provides a second layer of security beyond your password to access your i-wize account. App Passwords allow you to use third-party personal finance applications, while minimizing the risk of potentially unwarranted access to your i-wize account.

Security Tips

Advice for how you can help protect yourself

We are in this together. We recommend choosing secure and unique passwords, regularly updating your devices and never sharing your login information..

Need to report a security problem?

If you would like to disclose a security issue affecting i-wize group or our shareholders, please email us at

Applies only to transactions covered under the federal Electronic Fund Transfer Act, and requires that you notify us within 30 days of the unauthorized transaction and that you have exercised appropriate account safeguarding practices and have complied with your responsibilities as set forth in the i-wize account agreement and disclosures.

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