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     i-wize oil is an independent exploration, production company which has experience drilling for oil in the Caribbean. The company specializes in heavy to light oil technology, oil field development and exploration and production as well as other energy infrastructure development. i-wize oil has been exploring new areas of business and establishing more relationships with industrial leaders from China and many influential global players in this dynamic energy environment. i-wize oil has been strategically pivoting to China in recent years.
  i-wize oil furnished Saudi Aramco with a $5 billion LOI given to i-wize oil by the China Development Bank to fund a desulfurization project with the overall goal to create 3.5 million barrels per day of new oil production estimated to cost up to $50 billion USD. If approved by Aramco, i-wize oil will implement its proprietary Desulfurization Heavy to Light crude upgrading technology in this exciting project. i-wize oil has been conducting discussions with many contacts in the GCC region about i-wize oil’s overall regional project goals. A contact of i-wize oil’s executive management team met with King Salman & Mohammed Bin Salman in March 2019. It is well known that i-wize oil Emirates is partially owned by the advisor and first born son of the President of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Abu Dhabi. The President is the half brother of Mohammed bin Zayed Al Nahyan.
We are growing our global vision by creating strategic partnerships with companies such as JSC Petroleum Gas, owner of the largest oil field discovered in Russia in the last 20 years, Beijing Petrochemical, Anton Oil Field Services, Complant & SDIC. Through these relationships, i-wize oil is able to provide a wider range of “best in class” services to national oil companies from exploration through production, hydrocarbon recovery, downstream solutions, and environmental solutions. i-wize oil is also working to provide clients the ability to leverage our relationships with world leading global equity and debt funding sources combined with the capability of structuring long term product off-take agreements. i-wize oil’s goal is to provide clients with attractive business solutions that are more competitive than any other company and create strategic relationships who can provide financing in today’s extremely.
GHU Hydroconversion Upgrader (GHU), is a proven patented process, recently independently verified by Lloyd’s Register, that greatly enhances the performance of a fixed bed reactor, increasing the rates of hydrodesulfurization (HDS up to 95%), hydrodemetalization (HDM 98%), hydrodegnitrogenation (HDN 53%) and overall performance and lowering costs by up to 75% over standard fixed bed hydrotreating and hydroconversion processes. These results were proved during long pilot plant test runs for Conoco Canada Ltd, with their engineers present at Conoco’s bitumen oil fields in Kerrobert, Saskatchewan. Pilot tests proving the same results were also conducted at our 147 acre test site in Two Hills, Alberta for Lukoil and other noteworthy clients. With a dramatically improved OPEX, customers can capture enormous profits giving them a huge advantage in the marketplace. The GHU can convert the 524 plus fraction by over 80% at the mild conditions of 745 F and 1600 psig and can reduce the acid number from 3.05 to .11.
Tripartite Research & Technical Cooperation: i-wize oil, and two of the top research institutes in the world, UFA Scientific Research Institute of Petroleum Refining and Petrochemistry, and OJS (VNIIUS) institute have joined forces to establish a world class partnership to research, develop and market cutting edge technologies and patents in the America’s and around the world. The tripartite partnership consortium will concentrate its activities on meeting modern day refining challenges including removal of sulfur compounds (desulfurization), catalytic process of fuel production, and procurement, construction and startup of projects. Raushan Telyashev who was responsible for 800 engineers and all downstream projects at Lukoil is leading this consortium alliance. i-wize oil is also in exciting discussions with Mexico’s leading Petroleum institute to join this alliance.
Low Sulfur Fuel Oil – 0.1% and 0.5 % IMO LSFO : Independently verified by Lloyd’s Register, i-wize oil can produce industry consistent high quality ISO 8217:2010 compliant 0.5% LSFO (Fuel Oil). Our goal is to meet worldwide demand and provide shipping companies with one standard product globally, that they are already familiar with. Our process is, environmentally friendly and implores latest fixed bed reactor technology. Since 1897, a variety of different hydro-processing technologies have been developed to enable refiners to meet the continuous tightening sulfur specifications imposed upon the industry. i-wize oil HDS achieves the best results in the world at greatly reduced costs.
Crystal Separation Technology : Crystal Separators exceed regulations by utilizing a filter-less operation, separating oil from water to below 2ppm! This design can be run continuously for years requiring NO down time and has the lowest cost of ownership on the market. Crystal is certified by the US Coast Guard and the American Bureau of Shipping. With no internal moving Crystal is designed to run 24 hours a day in the harshest environments. With an ultra-compact footprint Crystal is extremely customizable and can be utilized in a wide range of maritime and non maritime based applications.

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