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You may not think it, but cash sitting idle is risky. The risks: Inflation and your own pocketbook. Our cash management tools help you save more each paycheck and spend when you’re ready.

1. Sync your accounts and find your extra cash.

Before you get saving, get organized. Sync your finances to our dashboard to learn your net worth and identify extra cash in your checking account.


2. Automate your deposits to fit your savings habit.

Start saving every payday with auto-deposit for each of your goals, or effortlessly move your extra cash using Two-Way Sweep. We’ll analyze your checking account, help you find extra cash, and sweep it into Smart Saver, currently yielding 2.19%.* If your cash balance falls low, we can sweep money back to your checking account for you.

3. Withdraw the tax-smart way. We aim to keep your tax bill low.

Withdrawals from your investments are straightforward and take just 5 business days. For every withdrawal, we help lower transaction taxes by selling your investments in the order that causes the least tax burden.

cash analysis

4. When you’re retired, we’ll help manage your retirement cash flow.

When you reach retirement, we help guide your cash flow. We advise you on how much is probably safe to withdraw, then you can schedule your personal retirement payday.
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