I-Wize Group was a business built from the ground up, addressing a very sincere and genuine need in the market; to be a fund manager who can be trusted and relied upon by every investor.

In 2010, the fund management services were offered internationally, after two years of only offering these services nationally. This was to achieve larger investor subscription and have a worldwide business in tandem with the changing cultures of the Twenty-first Century.

Our business operates based on the fact that people’s savings are precious.

There is nothing riskier that venturing your hard-earned savings on a real estate property with unreliable market value or on a franchise with fickle profitability prospects.

Our job is to study you, your needs and your goals in order for us to recommend to you the ideal opportunities where your savings will be most secure.

In other words, we are here to provide you with peace of mind which comes with the knowledge that the result of your hard work is not being gambled on unstable investments.

From us, you can expect to discover the best options available for growing your funds in the quickest way possible.

In line with our vision to be the best return provider in the entire USA, we work night and day to strategically design tailor-made financial solutions that will make your investment thrive markedly, steadily, rapidly.



The I-Wize Group philosophy is that sincerity, honesty, reliability, and a genuine desire to serve the community is necessary for success, and these will provide blessings in abundance and in perpetuity.

We take great pride in serving you the best way possible, and in always being honest, sincere, and transparent. We are perfectionists and this is evident in everything we do, from the company name to the trading products, services, and platforms that we provide.

Our drive and value proposition to you is our integrity, transparency and privileged services that is secondary to none.