About Us – I-wize Group

i-wize group incorporated is trusted by providing Bitcoin passive income portfolios to new owners and various markets with tax free returns in managed portfolios. i-wize group Inc. is among USA’s early bitcoin investment pool practitioners. We are currently operating at around 52.3% of bitcoin network hashing power.

During the early stages of managements, we heavily invested in the research of other Alt-coins for their best investing and trading practices. We adopt low risk techniques ensuring that we are able to utilize full capacity of the ASICs deployed strategies. Ensuring all parallel computational capabilities are fully utilized.

We have developed patent proprietary algorithms that determine what crypto coin can be bought or sold when and for what duration and then servers automatically keep switching between the small basket of the most profitable coins to be traded at that time, considering their price in bitcoin at the moment and their thresholds.

We also have developed proprietary algorithms that converts the Alt-coins mined at the most opportunistic moments into bitcoins, to maximize the return on shape shift conversions.

Also, very interestingly owing to our long-standing relations with mining equipment manufacturers {Bitmain} we have been able to get exclusive trading and mining chips. Many of these chips are nowhere available in the market and are unlikely to be available in future years owing to the contract pinned down. These specialized chips are assembled into sequence rigs by our trading teams and have been able to generate more hashing power per unit area utilized per capital deployed and heat generated giving us a massive edge over other platforms or even setting up your own independent cashflow.

Bitcoin can be used as a universal currency, to enable merchants to accept bitcoins we have created paybitz-bitcoin payment processor. Now businesses can generate and settle their invoices in bitcoins. The on boarding/Ownership process is as easy as creating an email account and any preferred merchant can start accepting bitcoins in less than 10 minutes.

Unlike most bitcoin payment processors that store the bitcoin in their own wallet (online or hard wallet) until a merchant manually withdraws them, paybitz sends your bitcoins instantly to your registered E-wallet address and there is no intermediate storage of any amount in our wallets. This helps us maintain security and transparency also helps in quick and cost effective settlement of invoices.

Because we are early believers in blockchain technology and cryptocurrency we will add support for multiple Crypto-coins, Alt-coins, Digital coins in the near future so that any of our customers and partners can access limitless opportunities to expand his/her businesses and ventures.


    1. You are already tired of permanent loss of money in the Crypto and Forex market? Maybe it is time to abandon the “attempts to trade” and to entrust this work to professionals?
       i-wize Pro services – for individual investors and cooperatives with liquid cash they want to invest and have allocated cash flow but don’t have the vital skills of individual retail management and don’t want to risk their finances!
  1. Our guarantees. Any investment in the financial markets is a potential risk. Experience and professionalism are crucial to our daily practices and what is more important is consistent profitability of investments, practical by i-wize group personnels, can minimize the risk on any scale per investing capital.
  1. Potential earnings estimation. Each owner partnering with  i-wize group own the system and catalog to estimate their expected future return before entrusting us to manage their funds/assets, look at Pricing
  2. Tax-exempt!    i-wize group is incorporated & registered and operates trading activities on these Assets, { Escrow, Crypto & Forex market in an offshore tax haven, Real estates properties, Crude oil Supply chain}. The company is not a tax agent in respect of its partners/Users income and accordingly, does not produce any tax payments. Furthermore, i-wize group do not disclose any fiscal data concerning their customer’s income to the tax authorities of any State.
  3. Convenient payment and convey modes. Depositing funds and earned profit withdrawal are available by a number of ways, including e-currencies (which guarantees the anonymity of payments and provides tax-free of earned income), Bank wire and direct wire payments, Bitcoin.
  4. Your existing venture and start up project can access small to high liquid cash support from the group in quickest means and interest rates is based on conventional strategies that must enable all parties cooperate for best goals.

Our Mission

    i-wize group incorporated & research strategies fits through the blockchain and cryptocurrency domain to provide cutting edge researches and practices for finance investing and diversifications around the world.

Our Vision

     We provide investing mediums and deliver residual incomes using blockchain and conventional asset classes to produce year-on-year growth for our clientele. i-wize group is among the global leaders in the blockchain income niche. We empower our investors and staffs to provide astronomical growth strategies, dividend returns and reliable income cash flow.