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Diversify Your Passive Incomes On Blockchain!

It’s tough to know what the future may hold for you and your family. Let I-Wize help you invest wisely and provide actionable advice on reaching your financial goals.

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Built to help you become a more confident investor and set you on the path to financial excellence.

  • Get a sense of your full financial picture.

Depending on your investment objectives, you can calculate how much you should save and build your diversified portfolio as a way to achieve financial independence.
  • Benefit from expert advice and technology.

Employing cutting-edge technology practices (guided by our seasoned financial experts) to manage your investments and provide ongoing advice to help keep you on track.

Competitive Advantage

We consider it a success when our customers see us as resourceful, reliable, dependable, credible, helpful, respectful, responsive and honest. Informative conversations create a new kind of network within organizations for customers. Current networks are used for competitive advantages, conversations are focused on encouraging people to realize and actualize their financial demands and plan to win. We believe “If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”

Highly Qualified Team

Our certified and qualified financial consultants work hard to care about each investor who owns a portfolio.
The team is committed to promoting our BRAND. We empower and strengthen investors, and provide our partners with the best kind of qualifications to build up their own identity which nurtures long term loyalty for us.

Exceptional Resources

   We tend to think what really matters is having outstanding leadership at the senior levels and exceptional leadership at the top with highly competent leadership at the unit levels too. That’s where great things happen! The resources we employ transform strategized plans into reality and achieve goals. Professional standards exhibited by our personnel encourage our clientele to plan for more success.

Our mission is to help our partners Grow and Own private residual incomes using Blockchain.

if you are new to investing or a seasoned pro, i-wize group executes what is right for you and your money.

“On average, our investing principles can increase returns by 2.66% when compared to the typical traditional investor.”

A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step

BTC Package
Basic Savings
Super Savings

Using the i-wize Pro system when you own your iwize account. Our Expert Advisors trades currencies and indices for you. You can utilize our strong technical and fundamental analysis to identify precise market entries to benefit from the high currency market while compiled into a fully automated tool.


Let i-wize group make the smart moves for you!
No Hidden Charges
Just a ONE TIME clearance fee of less than 0.51%!, and you earn your clean tax returns incomes.
Retirement spending needs
Forecast and calculate retirement spending by using your current spending and adjust for your aging lifestyles.
A No-Hassle Investment Service
By automatically taking care of maintenance activities, like account re balancing, tax-loss harvesting, and dividend reinvesting, we make sure you are getting the most out of your investments.
Investment returns
Forecasts returns and rewards for the trades and investments you make using our proprietary model

“Opportunities come infrequently. When it rains gold, put out the bucket, not the thimble”

-Warren Buffett


Partnership | Performance | Profit | Perseverance
   We supply head start incentives for our partners/customers to succeed, because if their investments succeed we do too! A greater-sized proportion of generating ongoing profit is through our 4P policy, because we believe that a lasting relationship is one where everyone celebrates in each other’s success.
    We are a team of seasoned consultants, Proven global performers. We specialize in chosen commodities and combine strategic insights with the latest technology advances.
   Our partners/customers are experiencing the profit benefits and achieving their goals, with many receiving profits far greater than they could earn using a term deposit account or other types of investment systems.
    Great works are performed, not by strength but by perseverance. “A river cuts through a rock not because of its power but perseverance!” We set our minds on the positives with technique taking actions that have severe effects and difficulties vanish.
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Try our retirement calculator to see if you’re retirement-ready.
  Could your 401(k) be worth more?
Learn how rolling over an average 401(k) to a i-wize IRA could mean 60% lower fees.
  Want more retirement guidance?
Read the latest on investing for retirement on our Resource Center.

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